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Help for Ukraine

Ukrainian children in Liben Monsters


On our Summer Day Camps in July and August, every year we offer spots for free for children from families who cannot afford such programs. We cooperate with various non-profit organizations that are able to offer this option and target it ti those who are in need. Usually we host children from shelters or Klokánek, for example.

In 2022 we decided to provide free spots in one of our preschool for children from Ukrainian refugee families who were forced to flee from the war and managed to settle in the Czech Republic. We cooperated with the organization Meteor for Ukraine, which was able to convey the offer to families from the Meteor Prague hostel and also help communicate the practical matters.

Thanks to a financial contribution from a grant for leisure activities from the Municipal District of Prague 8, we managed to provide a total of 15 places at our camps in different terms. We also appreciate a huge help of volunteer Diana from Ukraine, who was invaluable for the smooth running of the project. We are glad we could host her and finance her stay in here thanks to European Solidarity Corps program. Thanks to Diana, we didn't have to overcome the language barrier and the Ukrainian children felt comfortable with us, as did their parents.

In 2023 we continue in cooperation with Meteor for Ukraine and even without a financial contribution from the grants we offered 10 places at our Summer day camps for Ukrainian refugee children accomodated by this NGO. 

Hosting volunteers from Ukraine

For years, we have taken part in various international programs. One of them is the European Solidarity Corps program that gives us the opportunity to regularky get funding to host European volunteers in our preschools and other projects. Immediately after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we decided to target one of the possible places in the project to help young people from Ukraine. In March 2022, we managed to quickly provide a new home and facilities for our organization to Diana, who was forced to evacuate from Irpen shortly before the Russian occupation. She could then work with us until September 2022, when she returned to her family in a safer part of Ukraine and continued her interrupted studies there. In the following school year, we provided the same opportunity to Tetiana and Olena, who has both obtained a new home and professional employment with us. More about these projects here.

Ukrainian afternoons at Libeň Monsters

In the spring of 2022, we had an open door once a week in the afternoon in our preschool Libeň Monsters for Ukrainian families who were forced to flee the war and found a background in the Czech Republic. We did this in cooperation with our Ukrainian volunteer Diana and also the organization Meteor for Ukraine, The facilities of the preschol thus became an open playroom for the children, while their parents (mainly mothers and grandmothers) could sit in peace in our backyard, have coffee or tea and perhaps even consult various aspects of their stay with us. We also gave them the opportunity to leave their children with us for a while and arrange something in the meantime, or simply have some time to themselves. Our teachers were happy to volunteer their time beyond their work responsibilities for this project.

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