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Retro Summer 2024

Day Camps with English

Retro summer 2024

We organize day camps during the Summer with an authentic vacation atmosphere. Since our students have very hectic and busy schedules for most of the year, we are hoping to provide them with a relaxing summer camp experience! Instead of placing themes on each week we will simply be catering the camps to the interests of the children we have that week. The students will spend their days going on adventures around beautiful Prague, playing classic camp games and of course, spending lots of time outside! Our experienced and energetic teachers already have a plethora of ideas for the children, come summer. Our teachers are prepared to create games and activities about Indians, dinosaurs, wizards, princesses or anything else our kids are interested in!

Camps will be daily, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.


The majority of our day is spent outside around the beautiful locations our schools are placed in. However, lunch and resting time will be spent inside the Libeň Monster preschool. In cases of extreme inclimate weather, we will spend the day inside of the preschools and do indoor camp activities! We are an international team, so our staff will speak English or Czech depending on the ability level of the children each week.


Our program is suitable for preschool and early school age . children from 4 to 8 years old.

Price for one camp is CZK 3 500 per child. 

The price includes the all-day program, meals (snack-lunch-snack), drinks and any other expenses.


Completed applications to be sent scanned to


The Code of Operation mentioned in the application form is to be found here.


In case of further questions, do not hesitate do contact us via the e-mail above of phone number 607 757 816 (Marketa). 

Terms and availabity

8th - 12th July

15th - 19th July - full

20th - 26th July

29th July - 2nd August - 1 place

5th - 9th August

12th - 16th August

19th - 23rd August - 1 place


8th - 12th July - full

15th - 19th July - full

20th - 26th July - full

29th July - 2nd August - full

5th - 9th August - 1 place

12th - 16th August - full

19th - 23rd August - full

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